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The First Snow In 2020 Of My City

Jan 11, 2020

Yesterday afternoon, Zhengzhou has been intermittent light rain. It turned from rain to sleet until more than 7 pm. At about 8:00, it was almost completely snow, and it was getting tighter and tighter. Looking up, flying around. This is really a good snow.

The snow was very heavy. Many pedestrians on the road held up umbrellas to block the snow. However, the snow fell on the ground and remained almost untouched. It turned into rain and felt "not addictive." After entering winter last year, the temperature in Zhengzhou has always been high, and the area has a lot of heat. Even if it snows, the amount of snow accumulated in a short period of time is not large. When the ground temperature is lowered a little, the kind of snow-covered ground will appear .

According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Station, there will still be snowfall in Zhengzhou today, from heavy snow last night to moderate snow until it stops. After the rain and snow, the air humidity is high. It is expected that there will be heavy fog in central and eastern Henan today. In addition, the road surface will be wet and slippery, which will have a small impact on traffic. "It doesn't snow when it snows." After the snow stops, Zhengzhou will be cold tomorrow. The minimum temperature will drop to minus 5 degrees. Everyone should pay attention to preventing cold and keeping warm.

After the snowfall has stopped, it is expected to wait for only two days. This Friday, Zhengzhou's next snow will be "appeared" again. The subsequent rain and snow weather will have a good effect on mitigating winter drought. , Humid air, clean environment is also beneficial to human health.