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The Features Of Vegetable Cutting Machine

Jul 02, 2020

(1) The structure is cleverly designed, using the rocker slider mechanism to change the horizontal conveyor cutting machine used to be vertical. The feeding can be completed by using the weight of the dish or pressing. The cut vegetables fall into the closed food collection box through the opening under the blade.

(2) Complete functions. With a quick tool changer, the cutter head can be replaced to complete a variety of dishes and cutting patterns.

(3) The operation is simple, the operation design conforms to the habit of human behavior, and it is easy to learn and use.

(4) Safe and reliable, a protection device is added, and the motor will start only after the vegetable drum is in place and locked.

(5) Pleasant appearance, neat and elegant appearance design, increase the artistic sense of the product.

(6) It is easy to clean. The pressure-pressing mechanism and the food inlet can be turned away to rinse with water, and the knife tray and dish box can be removed for cleaning.

This vegetable cutter has a broad market. At present, vegetable cutters are mostly used in factories, and have a large structure and a single function. After investigation, large, medium and small restaurants, restaurants and families urgently need this type of vegetable cutting machine to improve the efficiency and efficiency of vegetable cutting. At the same time, the vegetable cutter has complete functions, safe and reliable, pleasant appearance, low cost, wide applicability, broad market and good social benefits.