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The Effect Of Pellet Units On Reducing Air Pollution

Jan 08, 2021

1. With such a pellet unit, it not only brings us biomass fuel, but also brings us certain economic benefits through fuel, but also solves the current energy shortage problem and reduces air pollution.

2. With the current comprehensive treatment of energy and environment, straw fuel can use crop corn stalks, rice straw, peanut shells, etc. as raw materials. After the pellet unit is used, it is crushed, processed and shaped to form Solid pellet fuel.

This kind of fuel can not only be more convenient for transportation and storage, but also has good combustion performance, which can reduce the use of fossil energy and reduce current air pollution.

3. Today, when energy is constantly decreasing, the emergence of such equipment can provide people with the energy they need and save energy. It can also improve our living environment and become the most important equipment in the environmental protection industry.

4. The emergence of the pellet unit solves the problem of processing straw for farmers and avoids air pollution caused by straw burning. After treatment, a high-density pellet fuel is formed, which avoids environmental pollution caused by incineration and accumulation. It responds to the concept of environmental protection and has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This is a device that achieves two goals.