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The Difference Between Wet And Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Mar 01, 2019

    There have several difference between wet and dry type fish feed pellet machine as follows:

1,Diffent looking,wet type fish feed pellet machine add one conditioner,which help material mix with steam totally,in order to puffing easily.Dry type of poultry feed pellet making machine do not have this part.

2,Different capacity,conditioner helped machine to add capacity more than 2 times,therefore,if you want big capacity,wet type is a better choice.

3,Different price,dry type of machine is cheaper and easy to operate than wet type,it need not extra boiler to steam at all.

4,The quality which come from wet type pellet machine is better than dry type in the reason of conditioner.

    In a word,if you want low cost and useful machine in the first step,dry type of machine is the bnest choise.

    If you want big capacity with good quality of pellet,wet type must be the first choice!