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The Development Trend Of Packaging Machinery

Dec 14, 2020

Although the domestic packaging machinery market has a broad prospect, problems such as stand-alone automation, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, and short life span have also caused domestic packaging machinery products to be criticized.

Safety detection technology: Safety is the top priority in any industry, especially in the packaging industry. In the food industry, safety testing technology has developed rapidly. The manifestation of food safety in packaging machinery is not only limited to the scope of simple physical parameters, but also pay attention to factors such as food color and raw materials. The scope of application of packaging machinery is expanding, which continuously puts forward new requirements for machinery manufacturers and automation product suppliers.

 Motion control technology: The development of motion control technology in China is very rapid, but the development momentum in the packaging machinery industry appears to be weak. The function of motion control products and technology on packaging machinery is mainly to achieve precise position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, which are mainly used for loading and unloading, conveying, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. Professor Li believes that motion control technology is one of the key factors that distinguish high-end, medium- and low-end packaging machinery, and it is also the technical support for the upgrading of packaging machinery in my country.

Flexible production: In order to adapt to the fierce competition in the market, major companies have shorter and shorter product upgrade cycles. It is understood that the production of cosmetics can generally be changed every three years or even every quarter. At the same time, the production volume is relatively large. Therefore, the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery are very high requirements: the life of packaging machinery Much greater than the life cycle of the product. Because only in this way can it meet the requirements of product production economy. The concept of flexibility should be considered from three aspects: the flexibility of quantity, the flexibility of construction and the flexibility of supply.

Manufacturing Execution System: In recent years, integration technology has developed rapidly in the packaging industry. There are many types of packaging machinery and equipment, which makes the connection of product interfaces, equipment and industrial computers, and information and equipment of different manufacturers encounter great difficulties. In this case, packaging companies turned to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for solutions.