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The Correct Use Of Toothpicks

Oct 30, 2020

The correct use of toothpicks can better protect our teeth. So, here is the correct way to use toothpicks.

1. Use toothpicks once a day or after each meal.

2. Toothpicks enter between teeth and gums at a 45 degree angle.

3. The tip points to the direction of the bite, and the side edge touches the gums between the teeth.

4. Slowly slide along the two tooth surfaces between each tooth. Do not use too fast or too much force.

5. Use the side edge of the toothpick to scrape the tooth surface along the tooth surface, especially on the concave root surface and the part of the root bifurcation. The tip and side edge of the toothpick can be used to scrape, and the tooth surface can be polished. Then, if there is food fiber impaction, puncture on the cheek and tongue can be done to remove the food.

6. Finally, rinse your mouth and spit out food residues and dirt with the mouthwash.

    The toothpicks produced by the toothpick machine have the same material and size. After reasonable use, there will be many benefits. We will need to use toothpicks in many places in our lives. The toothpicks made by the toothpick machine can be used in the above-mentioned way.