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The Common Problems Of Wheat Thresher

Apr 29, 2020

 1. Threshing is not clean: the common reason is that the drum speed is low, the threshing gap, the large grain bar and the concave plate are seriously worn, and the feeding amount is too large.

2. Grain crushing: the reason is that the threshing gap is too small, the drum speed is too high, and the feeding grain is uneven; sweeping method: properly adjust the gap, reduce the speed, and evenly feed

3. The drums of the wheat thresher have noise: loose bolts, deformed concave plates, and small threshing gaps; cleaning methods: tighten screws, repair concave plates, and adjust gaps

4. The motor of the wheat thresher is overheated: too much feed leads to too much load, poor ventilation, and the heat does not dissipate

5. Indistinguishable: common reasons are lack of air volume or wrong wind direction, wheat thresher screen holes are damaged or the gap is too large, and the grain is too wet; sweeping method: adjust the air volume to a suitable position to check the machine screen holes and adjust the gap

 6. Drum clogging: the drive belt slips due to the grain being too wet and the feed volume is too large, the drum speed is too low; sweeping method: sunning the crops, feeding evenly and successively, properly increasing the speed, tightening the belt tension