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Structure Principle Of Peanut Sheller

Apr 24, 2020

Peanut shelling machine models are divided into large, medium and small. Generally, farmers will buy small mechanical equipment to use when the farm is busy. Although the size of the model varies greatly, it will not shrink due to the size of the mechanical equipment. .

Peanut shelling machine is mainly composed of frame, motor, feeding hopper dehulling mechanism, separator, screen mechanism and so on. The motor drives the floating screen selection and drives the drum machinery to drive the eccentric vibration mechanism to rotate. Peanut fruit enters the continuous production and rubbing from the funnel to obtain shelling. At this time, the peanut kernel and broken kernel main shell flow path separation mechanism, and then the peanut is automatically separated by the suction fan; it flows through the screen to achieve the purpose of shell and grain separation. Before starting the machine, you must check whether the connecting parts are firm and reliable, and check the lubrication of each bearing. Adjust the tightness of the transmission belt. Only after the opener is operating normally, can the materials be added for normal production.