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Refining Machine Will Become An Essential Artifact For Oil Mills In The Future

Jul 16, 2020

Refining machine, refining machine, oil refining equipment, oil refining equipment. Oil refining machines may be a bit strange to everyone. Oil refining machines are dedicated equipment for "degumming, drying (dehydration), decolorization, deacidification, deodorization, and dewaxing of crude edible oil, so that edible oil can meet national standards. Oil refining machines are divided into physical refining and chemical refining. The chemical refining process has been gradually eliminated due to high refining costs and unsafe. Whether it is leaching oil or squeezed oil, edible oil is called "crude oil" before refining "Only after refining can we obtain the production license, that is, the "SC" certification, before we can enter the supermarket and enter the market. In the past, the country did not have strict requirements for private oil mills, and there was no mandatory requirement to purchase oil refiners. But in the future The situation will change. In 2017, some provinces in China have issued some standards for oil mills. These standards are not as strict as the national standards, but degumming, deacidification and drying are necessary. In other words, private housing will also be necessary in the future Refining machines will allow production.

In fact, this is also our government's responsibility to the people. The safety of cooking oil has always been a concern of the people. The crude oil squeezed by our ordinary oil mills has a fragrant taste and no other things are added, but the moisture content, acid value, and phospholipid content in it exceeds the standard. If some raw materials are not good, aflatoxin will exceed the standard, etc. . These things that are bad for the human body need to be processed by a refiner before they can be eaten. Our Henan Zhengrui Grain and Oil Machinery specializes in the refinery machine produced by small oil mills, which is small in size, simple in operation, complete in variety and low in price. It is to comply with the call of the government. In addition, the information dissemination is now very advanced, and the people already understand these things. Starting next year, the refinery will become an essential "artifact" in the oil mill.