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Precautions When Feeding Hydraulic Oil Press

Aug 06, 2020

1. When pressing, lower the top plate to the lowest position, loosen the tie rod nut, pull out the two movable pins, and turn the movable tie rod on one side. After the material cake enters the press and boring, the movable pull rod is returned to the original position, first pre-compressed until the oil is seen, the piston is reset, and the remaining material cake is loaded into the hydraulic oil press for formal pressing.

2. Adjust the pressing temperature and moisture of the cake base according to different oils.

3. When pressing, the handle should be pressed frequently and the force must be even. Excessive force is prohibited, otherwise accidents may easily occur.

4. Open the oil return valve, the oil will automatically flow back to the oil tank, the piston will automatically fall back to its original position, and then the pressure can be relieved.

5. If you find that the pointer of the pressure gauge cannot return to zero, you should check, repair or replace it in time.

6. When squeezing high-oil crops, use a low-pressure pump for the first time, and switch to a high-pressure pump after the oil is discharged.