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Precautions Before Starting The Peanut Sheller

Apr 23, 2020

 Precautions before starting the peanut sheller. Before using the mechanical equipment, in fact, before the threshing of the peanuts, check whether the sheller is placed smoothly to ensure that the equipment is placed smoothly to achieve the purpose of safe operation.

    In addition, you need to check whether the fasteners are tightened to ensure that the screws are not loose, and then see if the rotating parts are flexible and whether there is lubricating oil in the bearings to ensure that the parts are properly tightened, not too tight or too loose. The rotating part rotates flexibly. If there is a lack of lubricating oil in each bearing, please fill up the lubricating oil of the oil gun in time, and ensure the lubrication between the bearings. Otherwise, the work of the sheller will not go smoothly.