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Popularization Of Mechanization Technology Of Sugarcane Planting

Aug 01, 2018

Sugarcane planting mechanization technology is a key link of sugarcane production mechanization, is also difficult to achieve a link, sugarcane mechanized planting in developed countries has been widely used, and China's sugarcane planter in the actual application of almost no, still the use of mechanical trench, artificial planting, planting technology mainly includes trench, fertilization, Cutting seed autumn, cover film, soil and other processes, is a labor-intensive operation process. The low efficiency of artificial planting, the labor intensity and high production cost are the important technical bottleneck restricting the international competitiveness of sugarcane industry in China, therefore, the popularization and application of sugarcane planting mechanization technology has become one of the main problems to be solved urgently in sugarcane production mechanization. In recent years, many enterprises and scientific research units in China through independent research and development or introduction, absorption, digestion of foreign advanced technology, in the field of sugarcane planting machinery has accumulated more experience, and designed a lot of sugarcane planting models, but can be popularized but still not, only a few state farms and rural cooperatives in the use of demonstration,

The mechanization technology of sugarcane planting is not effectively popularized.