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Pillow Packaging Machine Allows Food To Achieve Special Packaging

Sep 29, 2020

In the face of the increasingly rich packaging machinery market, pillow packaging machine manufacturers need to find new ways to achieve product promotion, and what they must do is not only to enhance the market value of the equipment itself, but also to improve the packaging methods, internal structure, etc. Reform to achieve the characteristic packaging of packaging objects. Pillow packaging machines are the most widely used in the food industry, which has won more product promotion space.

To extend the packaging period of food, it is necessary to start with its packaging. The most basic requirement is to strictly seal the packaging materials. It is filled into the packaging bag, and then the heat sealing device in the pillow packaging machine seals the bag mouth according to the principle of heat pressing and heat sealing. In addition, the safety and hygiene of packaging should be strengthened in terms of packaging material and packaging environment. The first is packaging material, which generally uses film packaging. For some high-end foods such as chocolate, PET or PS materials are mostly used, which are in line with international health standards. .

Food packaging also has certain requirements for the environment, such as: complete packaging in a ventilated and dry environment, thorough cleaning of the body, and places that need to be paid attention to during manual operation. A dry environment is an important way to ensure that the inside of the machine is dry. Therefore, manufacturers should consider whether the storage space meets this requirement when purchasing pillow packaging machines; the cleaning of the body is a process that each packaging machine must go through after the completion of the work, and it is related to the next use and The safety assurance of the materials in contact; the correct layout can greatly reduce the work flow of the pillow packaging machine and help improve the packaging efficiency of the machine.

With the continuous enhancement of my country's comprehensive strength, the progress in various fields will receive widespread attention from all walks of life. In the packaging machinery industry, for pillow packaging machines, which have decades of development experience, the realization of product characteristics , Personalized packaging is the way of development.