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Operation Items To Be Noted During The Use Of The Drye

Jun 10, 2020

Before inspection, operation and maintenance of the dryer, you must read the "Dryer Instruction Manual" carefully, be familiar with the safety precautions and safety knowledge, master the basic method of use, use it strictly in accordance with the operation procedures of the dryer, and regularly check, Adjust, maintain, and deal with problems in time.

When the dryer fails, it must be powered off for maintenance, non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble at will, and it is strictly prohibited to enter the warehouse for inspection. When ascending for overhaul, wear a safety belt, wear a safety helmet, and wear non-slip shoes.

Before starting the dryer, make sure that there are no idle personnel near the running equipment and rotating parts.

During the operation of the dryer, do not mix foreign objects such as cable ties, iron wire, long grass, stones, etc., to prevent abnormal malfunctions such as blockage or jamming of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to burn the burner box, the suction cover, etc., and it is strictly forbidden to refuel the oil tank to avoid burns or other accidents. When the drying equipment is in operation, non-operators should not be close to it, any parts of the operator's body and clothing and other foreign objects should not be placed on or near the moving parts such as augers, belts, elevator feed inlets and their vicinity, to avoid accidents.

During the operation of the dryer, the inspection openings, warehouse doors, etc. shall not be opened at will.

There shall be no flammable dirt accumulated inside the combustion furnace, the inside of the air duct, the air intake hood inner net and the furnace box cover. Keep the periphery of the burner clean at all times and do not stack flammable materials. The site should be equipped with fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing sand and other fire fighting equipment or tools