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Notice Of Price Adjustment

Sep 23, 2019


                     Notice of Price adjustment


Dear Customers:



Thank you very much for your long-term trusting and choosing of our company and product.



Due to the increase in the price of raw materials for goods and rising transportation costs, plus the increase in environmental pressurethe current price for our company has been lower than the cost in the base of original good quality of machines.



Based on the long-term integrity service, common development, quality win, and profit sharing business philosophy, in order to better serve our company's sustainable development, our company will adjust the product price. The price of all machines is increased by 10% and the freight rate is increased by 5%.


此通知于十月一日起正式生效。The notice will take effect on October 1st,2019.


希望得到您们的谅解和支持。Hope you can understand and support.


特此函告!Specially informing


顺祝商祺!Best regards!