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Matters Needing Attention In Operation Of Biomass Granulator

Aug 26, 2020

1. Lubricate the transmission part of the biomass granulator regularly, lubricate the roller bearing every 2 hours, and lubricate the front bearing of the main shaft every 4 hours, so that the transmission part of the granulator can rotate flexibly and reduce the workload.

2. Regularly replace the lubricating oil in the gear box of the granulator. The oil needs to be replaced once after the new machine runs for half a month. After that, it will be replaced every 1,000 hours of continuous operation, which can extend the service life of the gear.

3. Once a week, carefully check whether the connecting parts of each part are loose, whether the travel safety switch is reliable, and clean the feed auger and conditioner to avoid mechanical failure.

4. Check the wear of the transmission parts, the die liner and the hoop every half month, and replace it in time if the wear is found to avoid the shaking of the ring die and affect the output.

5. Use high-quality ring die and pressure roller. Eliminate the use of inferior ring dies with out-of-round and rough inner holes, and choose the compression ratio of the ring dies according to different formulas, so that the ring dies can discharge smoothly and avoid increasing power consumption and reducing productivity.

6. Adjust the gap between ring die and pressure roller every shift. If the machine is blocked, loosen the pressure roller, remove the material on the inner wall of the ring die, and readjust the gap between the die rollers. Never start it forcibly to avoid damage to the transmission part and bearing gear due to severe vibration.

7. Put an end to overload production. During the production process, the working capacity of the granulator itself should not be exceeded, otherwise motor damage and accelerated wear of components will occur, which will shorten the service life of the granulator.

8. The raw materials should be removed from the iron and impurities, and the iron removal device should be cleaned every shift to prevent foreign matter from entering the ring mold work chamber, causing vibration of the fuselage and cracking of the ring mold.