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Maintenance Of Multi-function Cutting Machine

Sep 12, 2019

Commercial multi-function cutting machine installation and commissioning:

1. Place the machine on a level working surface to ensure that the machine is placed in a stable and reliable manner.

2. Check all parts before use, whether the fasteners are loose during transportation, whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and take corresponding measures in time.

3. Check if there is any foreign matter in the rotating barrel or on the conveyor belt. If there is foreign matter, it must be cleaned to avoid damage to the tool.

4. Make sure the power supply voltage matches the rated voltage of the unit. Grounded in the field, the mark is reliably grounded, extend the power cord to a professional electrician, connect the machine power cord to the all-pole disconnected large open-distance power supply, turn on the power, press the “ON” button to check the steering, V-belt The steering of the wheel is consistent with the representation. Otherwise, turn off the power and adjust the wiring.

Commercial multi-function shredder maintenance: All maintenance work must be done with the power off.

1. After each use, carefully clean the machine. When cleaning, do not use the sharp device to touch the conveyor belt and press the vegetable belt, or use the spray pipe to spray.

2. If the conveyor belt and the pressing belt are loose, the tension bolts should be adjusted or the spring pressure should be adjusted to the appropriate position. The tension or pressure at both ends should be basically equal, otherwise the conveyor belt or the pressing belt will be deviated.

3. Check the gold and wear of the V-belt and adjust and replace it in time. When the V-belt is loose, loosen the bolts of the tensioning mechanism to adjust the tightening bolts after the V-belt is tightened.

4. Fill each oil into the ratchet, gear and sprocket once. Use No. 20 engine oil. It is advisable to add 10 drops per time. The grease in the bearing is added and replaced according to the usage. Calcium base grease is selected. grease.

5. In the machine work, if the machine sound is not normal, you must stop the inspection immediately, and wait until the fault is removed before you can continue working.

Commercial multi-function cutting machine maintenance and repair

The commercial multi-function cutting machine cuts two different structures, so that the cut material has the characteristics that the cutting surface is flush, the thickness is uniform, the cutting surface is fresh, the fiber structure is not damaged, and the length error of the cutting section is small. One machine can cover the cutting of most vegetables, melons and fruits. The machine is easy to operate, beautiful and elegant in appearance; stainless steel structure, easy to clean, meets the requirements of health and safety; and has the advantages of small footprint, energy saving, etc., instead of traditional backward hand-made, it is vegetable and vegetable processing industry, meal, kitchen hotel, large The ideal processing equipment for canteens, schools, and fast food units.