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Maintenance Matters Of Peanut Peeling Machine

Jul 26, 2018

1, peanut peeling machine using triangular belt transmission.The new belt after the use of a period of time, due to the role of tension will gradually stretch and appear relaxed, so it is necessary to regularly check the tensile degree of each transmission belt and the gap between the various parts of the appropriate, timely adjustment. 

2, peanut peeling machine during the operation, should always pay attention to the speed of the machine, sound, temperature is normal. Every time you take off a variety or a day of work, you should stop to check whether the bearings are overheating, the fastening screws in each part, whether the key pins are loose, if found loose should be fastened at all times, especially high speed parts, such as: Up and down fan blades, especially the downwind blades are worn or broken,

Whether the reinforcement plate external to the blade is worn or deformed, if the problem is found to be repaired or replaced in time. 

3, the sieve shaft and all live joints of the bearing should be checked in a timely manner there is no oil shortage wear phenomenon, once there is a timely refueling replacement.

After each operation, the sieve bottom of the pickup machine, that is, the hole seam of the fish scale plate, is regularly cleaned with a wire brush. 

4, after the end of the processing season, the machine will be a major inspection. Check the operation and wear of each bearing, check whether there is deformation or crack at the bottom of the sieve, check the wear of the sorting sieve.

At the end of the inspection, the damaged parts will be repaired to remove dirt and residual peanuts from the machinery. 

5, peanut peeling machine after use, the belt removed, the machine placed in a dry warehouse for storage.

Remove the strap and hang it on an indoor wall that is not sun-drenched.