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Introduction To The Main Classification Of Packaging Machinery

Dec 08, 2020

Packaging machinery has a variety of classification methods. According to the function, it can be divided into single-function packaging machines and multi-function packaging machines; according to the purpose of use, it can be divided into inner packaging machines and outer packaging machines; according to packaging types, it can be divided into special packaging machines and general packaging machines ; According to the level of automation, it is divided into semi-automatic machines and fully automatic machines.


There are many types of packaging machinery and many classification methods. There are many types from different viewpoints. According to the product status, there are liquid, block, granular, paste, skin, electronic combination weigher packaging, pillow packaging machine; according to the packaging function, there are inner packaging, Outsourcing packaging machines; according to packaging industry, there are packaging machines for food, daily chemical, textiles, etc.; according to packaging stations, there are single-station and multi-station packaging machines; according to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines Wait.


There are many classification methods for packaging machinery. Each classification method has its own characteristics and scope of application, but all have their limitations. From the general situation of international packaging machinery, the more scientific classification method is based on its main function. Classification, the basic classification is as follows:


1. Filling machine

The filling machine is a packaging machine that loads precise quantities of packaged products into various containers. The main types are:

1. Volumetric filling machine: including measuring cup type, intubation type, plunger type, level type, screw type, timing type filling machine.

2. Weighing type filling machine: including intermittent weighing type, continuous weighing type, weighing-centrifugal equal fraction filling machine.

3. Counting type filling machine: including single piece counting type and multiple piece counting type filling machine.


2. Sealing machine

The sealing machine is a machine that seals the container filled with packaging. The main types are:

1. Sealing machine without sealing material: including hot pressing, cold pressing, fusion welding, plug-in, folding and other sealing machines.

2. Sealing machine with sealing material: including rotary type, rolling type, crimping type, pressing type and other sealing machines.

3. Sealing machines with auxiliary sealing materials: including tape type, adhesive type, nail type, ligation type, suture type and other sealing machines.


Three, wrapping machine

Wrapping machine is a packaging machine that uses flexible packaging materials to completely or partially wrap the packaging. Its main types are:

1. Full-wrap wrapping machine: including twisting, covering, body-fitting, and seam wrapping machines.

2. Semi-wrapped wrapping machine: including folding, shrinking, stretching, winding and other wrapping machines.