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Inspection And Debugging Of Hydraulic Oil Press

Aug 12, 2020

1. Pressure test, use about 1.2 times the normal working pressure, check the large working trajectory of the piston, and then stabilize the pressure for about 15 minutes, the value of the pressure gauge should not exceed 5% of the test pressure, and all oil circuits should be in No leakage state; after the pressure is closed, the pressure pointer returns to the 0 position, and the parts are not damaged.

2. Before the oil pump test, add an appropriate amount of clean mechanical oil or vegetable oil to the oil tank, press the handle up and down to see if the piston of the oil press rises. If the hydraulic oil press does not rise or it is more laborious when the handle is pressed into the hole, it is necessary to check all the valves of the oil tank and drain the air in the pipeline.