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How To Use Toothpicks To Make Handicrafts

Oct 20, 2020

Tools needed: ruler, avoid ruler knife. Paper towels. Milky white glue. 502 glue. Small brush. A bottle of wooden lacquer (all things add up to about 50 yuan, the number of toothpicks depends on how big a villa you want to build).

First, you apply the milky white glue on the top of the paper towel with a small brush. Then stick a toothpick and mark it with a ruler. Make a toothpick version. Note that if the amount of milky white glue is too much, the whole toothpick will be stained with glue, which will affect the texture. It also affects the aesthetics. The production of the toothpick version means that the wall of the villa is finished. Make two toothpick versions. Use and tear off the excess paper towel. Align the two toothpick plates. (Put up and down) Then press the toothpick plate with a ruler. Cut at an angle of 45° with a ruler knife. After cutting, align the two 45° angles. In this way, the corner is made, so it looks beautiful. If you dislike the trouble, you can use the simplest way. Just use toilet paper. You first figure out how big a toothpick room you want to make. For example, if the wall around the house is 18 cm, you will drop the toilet paper in the 18th and then stick the toothpick on it. Post next to each other. Then, after putting the 18 inside, connect the head and tail. Place it sideways with a toothpick inside. Such a strong four weeks has been made. Or you can spread the toothpicks sideways into a plate without paper. Then brush with milk white glue, and lay a row of toothpicks on the milk white glue.

   Can you imagine that such exquisite handicrafts are made with toothpicks? So as long as you use your own imagination, you will create something unexpected.