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How To Use The Vegetable Cutting Machine Correctly

Jul 12, 2020

Use the automatic vegetable cutter properly to prevent your hands from being "bitten"

On the news and TV, I often see that some friends who use automatic vegetable cutters are often "bitten" by the machine. The light ones need to be bandaged and recuperated, and the severe ones may cause disability, which will cause serious damage to the business or family, so the vegetable cutter The correct use and safe operation of the machine are extremely important. As a professional manufacturer of vegetable cutters, I will give you a brief introduction to the operation notes of vegetable cutters.

The correct use and safe operation of the vegetable cutting machine itself are clearly stated in the manufacturer's instructions, and there are also precaution labels on the machine, which are generally very obvious, so why do many users get injured In addition, vegetable cutting machines are especially small-sized vegetable cutting machines. Everyone feels that the machine is small and easy to operate, and ignores the precautions. So no matter what kind of vegetable cutting machine, don't take it lightly, it must be safe to operate according to the regulations, and there will be no problems.

1. When cutting vegetables, do not put your hands into the centrifugal drum, dial or under the vertical knife after the vegetable cutter is started. You cannot put your hands into the pressing belt, a certain safety distance from the pressing belt, otherwise it will be easily Entrapped or stuck.

2. Check the switch and power cord regularly for long-term use for damage, moisture, water ingress, etc. to prevent electric shock from electric leakage. To ensure safety, please connect the ground wire at the grounding mark of the machine.

3. During use, if you find that the conveyor belt and the pressure belt are loose, you should tighten the screws in time, but pay attention to the tightness of both sides, and do not let the belt run off. 4. Keep the machine clean, avoid contact with water as much as possible, often add oil to the oil filling port, pay attention to the maintenance of the machine.

 Hope that these basic operations can help our customers and friends use the vegetable cutter safely and make better use of the vegetable cutter to create more wealth.