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How To Reduce The Failure Rate Of Biomass Pellet Machine

Aug 18, 2020

1. The problem that occurs during the use of the biomass pellet machine is bearing damage. This situation is caused by excessive operation. If the running speed is too fast, it will also cause this problem. The sign before the failure of the biomass pellet machine It is because of abnormal noise that the bearing failure is obvious. We feel that the biomass pellet machine itself has a lot of shaking or many parts of itself have stopped rotating. These are the bearing problems.

2. Some parts of the biomass pellet machine have problems or become loose, which will cause the machine itself to make abnormal noises. Although some parts are loose, it will not affect our normal work temporarily, but it must cause enough Pay attention, there are many problems that are ignored by us and cause future injuries, so if we find that the parts are loose, we need to deal with them in time. If there is a problem with the parts, the untimely handling will eventually affect our work, and sometimes it may also affect the operation. The personal safety of personnel must be taken seriously. This is also a test of our work attitude.

 It is recommended that users purchase a feeder when purchasing a biomass pellet machine to feed evenly. When purchasing a biomass pellet machine, choose the appropriate ring die aperture. Some users use too small apertures, which often results in low output or even no discharge. Therefore, it is necessary to test and select the appropriate ring die aperture before purchasing the biomass pellet machine. Adjust the gap between the ring die and the pressure roller. Appropriate pressure can achieve a good effect on the maturation and compactness of the particles. Users often do not pay attention to keeping the biomass pellet machine clean during use, which reduces the service life of the biomass pellet machine, so pay attention to keeping the biomass pellet machine clean. Grease and add lubricant regularly. Regular cleaning of the ring die and filling with butter can improve the efficiency of the biomass pellet machine.