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How To Reduce The Failure Rate Of Automatic Mask Machine?

Apr 13, 2020

Ultrasonic automatic mask machine is an advanced mechanical control system, which can be controlled by PLC programming to complete the machine at one time. In the overall production process, only need to feed to complete the operation, which belongs to an automatic production method, how to automate Combined with mechanization as the key point, the ultrasonic automatic mask machine can operate all tasks by one person, greatly improving production efficiency.

If the mask machine has a performance failure due to long-term operation, you can invite relevant staff to repair it. On the one hand, you can maintain the machine and extend the life. In addition, protect the mechanical parts from damage, so the maintenance and maintenance of the automatic mask machine, Can reduce many production failures.

When the relevant production personnel operate the mask machine, it is inevitable that the ultrasonic automatic mask machine will be shut down and powered off during off-hours, and the machinery will be fully inspected and cleaned. The debris and garbage on the mask machine can be cleaned with alcohol and detergent, and can be checked If the mask machine has errors and wear, you can check the circuit of the mask machine, and regularly maintain the components, electrical boxes and other equipment.