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How To Operate The Granulator Correctly

Jun 21, 2018

The stripping should be continuously and evenly fed, the feeding amount is too large, will cause the drum load is too large, the rotational speed decreases, the desorption rate and the production rate decrease, the stalk entrainment grain increases, the stripping quality decreases, seriously causes the blockage parking and the machine damage. Feeding is too small, low productivity, and sometimes it can affect the removal rate. The indicators of net removal, fast removal, less breakage and low energy consumption are in fact mutually restricted.

If you want to clean up, the crushing rate will rise, productivity will also decline, energy consumption increases.

Operators should, according to the actual situation, in the "Hand", "eye", "ear" close cooperation, "hand" sense crop dry humidity, dry more feeding, wet less feeding, "eye" to see whether the grass is smooth, drum speed is normal, out of the grass smooth more feed, not smooth and less feed, "ear" listen to the machine operation sound is normal, load loud and low feed, and vice versa.