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How To Make Chopsticks

Aug 30, 2019

Chopsticks are no stranger to our lives! We can see it every day in our lives. As time goes by, people's needs for chopsticks will become higher and higher, so everyone knows that we usually use chopsticks. How to make it? Next, let's take a look at the processing flow of the chopstick machine.

First of all, from the raw materials of chopsticks, bamboo, bamboo that has been grown for more than three years is cut down and sawn with a saw. Generally, the middle part of the bamboo is sawn to be 1 meter 6 or 1 meter long, and then the bamboo is broken with a collision machine. Hit a piece, then go to the machine to play the festival, remove the green skin and the yellow inside, and then layer, the upper layer with a bit of green and the lower layer with a yellow price is not the same, and then pull the bamboo into the drawing machine Silk, after silking, it must be treated with anti-mite, dried, then saw into the length of the desired chopsticks, then polished in the polishing machine, polished and placed on the pin tip machine, the pin tip is packaged into finished products. It is.

Chopsticks often form mixed forests with other tree species, and they are under the main forest layer and have rarely received much attention in the past. When the upper forest is cut down, the bamboo quickly recovers into a secondary bamboo forest with the characteristics of fast growth and strong fertility. The use of bamboo is expanding and the economic value is high. People plant bamboo and afforestation to form artificial forests. Chopsticks are natural and environmentally friendly. Chopsticks also have antibacterial and antibacterial properties. They don't have to worry about heavy metals. They don't have to worry about buying chopsticks and buying fake ones.

What is the difference between bamboo chopsticks and wood chopsticks?Bamboo chopsticks are made by bamboo,wood choopsticks are made by wood.

Which one is better?Generally bamboo chopsticks are better than wood chopsticks because Bamboo is more flexible.

How about chopsticks making machine?Is it same with bamboo chipsticks machine and wood chopsticks machine?Some sets of bamboo chopsticks machines are same with wood chopsticks machine,some of them are different.

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