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How To Keep The Grass Cutter Machine Running Smoothly

Nov 18, 2020

First of all, the machine will wear out more or less during use. Generally, in cutting equipment, the parts with greater wear are tool roll spindles and bearings, flying knives, etc. These parts are more than used in the cutting operation and therefore wear more, which may be important. In addition, the rigidity of the spindle in the cutting equipment is also affected by the smoothness. When the rigidity of the spindle is high, the movement of the machine tool is not easily deformed. If the vacation time is not long, the spindle is easily deformed when the fly cutter is running at high speed.

The deformation of the main axis is accompanied by a series of vicious effects. As the friction between the bearing and the journal increases, the wear will become more serious, and even vibration will cause machine failure and machine scrapping. Therefore, it is necessary to apply smooth oil to the cutting blades, electromechanical bearings, reducers and belt bearings in time to reduce friction between components and ensure the rigidity of the bearings. As usual, the smooth oil used is an industrial gear oil.

Please pay attention to whether all parts of the machine are abnormal. Pay attention to the degree of wear of vulnerable parts, and pay attention to the wear of the machine. The three-dimensional frame of the moving parts should be placed in dust and other objects to prevent the mechanical bearings from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters non-breakable materials or even cause serious interference. After the grass cutter is stopped, the abrasion resistance must be improved. Clean waste wood to prevent debris from remaining in the lawn mower.

The maintenance of large grass cutter can start from spraying. This analogy applies to tools that stop spraying. Electroplating is not affected by the size and volume of the workpiece, and it is highly compatible with the requirements of providing cutting protection. In addition, thermal spraying technology can also be applied to use gas and liquid fuels as heat sources to atomize and release high-speed airflow to stop fixing on the surface of the paper cutter of a large paper cutter. This protects the tool. After stopping the maintenance of the cutting tools of the large grass cutter, you can better stop mowing and create beautiful greening conditions for the location.