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How To Choose A Lawn Mower

Sep 30, 2018

The first step in choosing a lawnmower is to understand the characteristics of the lawn.

The area of the lawn will affect your choice of engine horsepower, while the characteristics of the lawn terrain determine the performance of the lawnmower.

 (1) The choice of lawnmower should be determined according to the size of the lawn, the terrain, the obstacles and how to deal with the cut grass. Lawn area of more than 2000 square meters, please choose self-walking lawn mower, in order to reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency. Terrain undulating or slightly sloping, you can also choose a self-walking lawn mower. When there are flower beds, shrubs or hedges in the lawn, use the front wheel is the lawn mower of the guide wheel.

The grass collection or shredded grass cover in the three in one blade is particularly suitable. 

(2) The choice of lawnmower also depends on the function of the lawn. Golf Course green, tee selection of Green Machine and tee lawn mower; fairways and sports fields, such as football fields, football fields, etc., the best choice of hob lawn mower, can also choose rotary knife lawn mower, ordinary green space, landscape lawn, etc., the choice of rotary knife lawn mower; golf course slope selection Suspension lawn mower; a lawn mower (that is, a backpack lawn mower) is available on lawns with more forest lawns or obstacles.