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How Is The Chicken Chopping Machine Used

Jun 15, 2020

Chicken chopping machine is widely used for crushing meat and products. The combination of knife speed, pot speed, and clearance between the knife and the rotating pot of the chopper makes the chopped products fine, small in temperature, and short in chopping time. Especially due to the emulsification treatment, the fine density of intestinal products The elasticity is greatly enhanced, which greatly improves the emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness of meat products. Chopping machine is a machine that mixes and cuts meat and vegetables together in a short time and cuts into meat puree or fine pieces. Using the high-speed operation of the chopper, you can mix the auxiliary materials, water, borneol, and meat pieces together.

Chicken chopping machine usage:

will turn to control slowly from low speed to high speed, and adjust the rotation pot and speed as needed. At the end of the work, stop the "rotary pot" first, and stop the "rotary knife" step by step in accordance with the principle of "open the knife first, then open the pot, stop the pot first, and then stop the knife". In case of dangerous situation or special situation, use the emergency stop button emergency controller, the device stops working within the set time, and the pot stops automatically at the same time. The lower right is a vacuum, inflation switch, the left is a vacuum, and the right is an inflation. On the upper right is the front and rear cover switches, which are controlled by the hydraulic system. After inflation, the vacuum can reach zero to open the front cover to discharge. The material can be discharged after the particle size reaches the requirements. Place the container below the spout. Hold the handle of the ejector and place the ejection tray in the rotating pot. The ejection tray can lead the meat to the preset container. After the ejection is completed, put the ejector back to the original place, and the ejection tray stops automatically. .