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He Main Position Of The Grass Cutter Machine Must Be Lubricated

Nov 30, 2020

The grass cutter machine can achieve a good grass cutting effect, and it is inseparable from good lubrication. Next, we will introduce the lubrication parts of the grass cutter.

The grass cutter is mainly used for the crushing of raw materials in paper pulping and straw power generation. It can effectively save labor, is easy to operate, automatically feeds, has a good splitting effect, and is convenient for soaking and cooking. It is flexible to use, and can be automatically adjusted according to different construction users and specific processing requirements to break up almost all straws such as wheat straw, cotton stalk reeds, and wood chips. In the lubrication process of the grass cutter, the main location that the grass cutter needs to be lubricated is the motor bearings and roller bearings of the feeding mechanism; belt roller bearings, reducers, knife roller bearings, etc. It can be lubricated with high-temperature grease, heavy-duty industrial gear oil, multifunctional grease, etc.