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Happy National Day

Oct 01, 2019

Chinese National Day is coming soon,our public holiday is Oct 1st to 7th,2019,our company arranged colleague in office everyday,therefore,just contact us anytime.Now let me share some good words about this festival.

National Day is a cup of tea, and it is filled with happiness. The National Day is a one-axis painting. It is a beautiful show. The National Day is a poem. It feels sweet when you read it on your mind. National Day, hope happiness. The scenery will always stop for you. (share it)                                                                                       

The birthday of the motherland is celebrated, the people of the whole country are happy, the holiday is welcoming for a long break, busy work and letting go, friends meet and companion, the motherland and rivers are free to travel, the mountains and rivers are magnificent, the harmonious society and the people are in harmony, the national peace and prosperity are good, the 11th National Day Better than the year. More National Day Blessings (Share)

The tree is pointed and windy. The road is long, the water is simmering; the sky is blue, the flowers are bright; the moon is curved, the stars are shining; the thoughts are long, the people are far away; the mind is thinking, the love boxing is punching; the national day is Shanshan, the blessings are: happy and peaceful, happiness is boundless, family reunion. I sincerely wish you a happy National Day, a happy family, and a good life! (share it)

Chairman Mao said: The body is the capital of the revolution. Therefore, when you receive this message, I only say a little: the body is a happy capital, even in the holidays, take care of yourself, I wish you a happy holiday! (share it)                                                              


Eleven travels to the sky, design travel routes in advance, it is best to travel into insurance, consult the travel experience in advance, although the encounter is very cute, single travel should pay attention to safety, willing to have fun, all the way! (share it)

[Country] Jia Changsheng Fumei, [Qing] I wish 11 happy, [Festival] celebrations and beautiful dreams, [blessing] Fu greetings are busy, [you] I am laughing and happy, [fast] male fast women add joy , [Le] things are gathering together! (share it)

Walking under the tall building, the house above is not yours; the car before the mall, the car shown is not yours; the bank has gone outside, the ticket inside is not yours. But don't worry, there are four days to take a long vacation, and happiness is yours. (share it)

The National Day is here, I hope the golden sun will be your health, the silver moonlight will reflect you, the five-star red flag will give you strength, the majestic song will lead you up, the long years will not be old, and the long life will be happy. (share it)                                                                                                        


This is my blessing to you: the dream of the distant light illuminates a light, listen to my wish, I hope that your life will never be scarred again, I hope that you will go through a safe journey, I hope all the goodness is full. Your dream, wish you a happy holiday and eternity! (share it)

The National Day is celebrated with joy, Wuyue and Kyushu are full of joy; Guotai Min'an Wanjiafu, join hands to build a happy city; share the good life together, indulge in the true blessings; may you live beautifully, and your family will be happy. I wish you a happy National Day! (share it)

National Day, Jiaqing, the whole people celebrate; official source, financial resources, right and left source; popularity, good fortune, fate; luck, wealth, and arrogance. National Day is coming, may you be happy, good luck again and again!