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Except After-sales Service Of Machines,what Else Can We Do For Customers?

Mar 13, 2019

 After 8 years of manufacturer and trading machines in internation market,we are always thinking what can we do for customers except machines?

Making inquiry--discussing--finished payment--arranging transportation--helping for custom clearance documents--instructing installation of the machines--analysis market and give suggestion from other customers---more suggestion about the market---help customers to learn how to sell the goods which made by machines!

That is the line of what can we do for customers as after sales service,treat thresher machine as example,we tell customers how to use machines,how to adjust screen of machine,how to sell machines to their Nigeria market,guide other customers to buy from old customers,teach customers to open their market.

We provide all service what you can not guess,that is our culture,we are still doing and on the road all the time.

Thanks everyone!