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Effect Of Flour Gluten And Its Harm To Human Body

Nov 10, 2020

The so-called flour gluten is an oxidant that can improve the quality of flour. It is mostly used in the bread industry. The function of flour enhancers is to improve the volume of the bread, make the bread elastic and fine particles, strengthen the side walls of the bread, and make the bread chewy, elastic and tough. Are there any standards for the use of flour enhancers? What harm will the body absorb?

How is the use amount and scope of flour enhancer regulated?

The function of the label "Azoformamide" in GB2760-2011 "National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard" is a flour treatment agent, the use range is wheat flour, and the larger use amount is 0.045g/kg. In addition, there is no test method standard for the content of azoformamide in food in my country.

Will it be absorbed by the body and cause harm?

There are some controversies internationally regarding the safety of azoformamide.

The first is the safety of azoformamide itself: The International Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has evaluated the safety of azoformamide and concluded that the addition amount should not exceed 45 mg per kilogram. The security risks that come can be ignored.

 The United Nations Environment Program conducted an analysis of occupational exposure to azoformamide in 1999 (most of the data comes from the United Kingdom). They believe that under occupational exposure conditions (such as production and transportation), azoformamide may indeed induce asthma or Allergic problems, but because it is difficult for ordinary consumers to reach the amount of occupational exposure, in addition, these respiratory symptoms are caused by inhalation rather than eating, so this risk is not within the scope of food safety risks.

The second is the safety of the reaction product of azoformamide: Azoformamide will react as an oxidizing agent in wet flour, and the main reaction products are biurea and semicarbazide hydrochloride. Studies have shown that biurea is very stable under baking conditions. It is an inert substance in the human body with low toxicity. It is not destroyed by digestive enzymes in the digestive tract and can be quickly excreted through feces and urine. It will not be enriched, and no cases of carcinogenic, tumor-causing or affecting reproduction have been found.

Flour gluten is beyond the use standard, it will definitely cause harm to the human body. In our country, flour enhancers are allowed to be used in noodles, bread, steamed bread and other industries as long as they do not exceed the use standards. My personal opinion is to avoid them as much as possible if they are not used. After all, this is a chemical substance. harm.