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Disassembly And Installation Method Of Hydraulic Oil Press Sliver

Aug 02, 2020

As a very key accessory of hydraulic oil press, after the oil press has been used for a certain period of time, it sometimes needs to be installed and disassembled for cleaning and equipment maintenance. The following will share with users the removal and installation methods of the oil press.

Erect the sliver ring, find an inner profile with the same diameter as the main shaft and the length of the sliver to stand in the middle of the sliver (a suitable wooden stake is also possible), and then press the sliver in the direction of unloading and press an octagonal The press bar and the first four-corner press are alternately punched, and the last one is the four-corner press. When punching in, the edges and corners are not easy to be too tight or too loose. During the assembly process, use a hammer to strike other presses. Keep the end face of the bar tight, and after driving all in, use a hammer to make the press bar neatly and tightly close to the inner wall of the press bar, and touch the inner wall of the press bar without protrusions.

 It is necessary to divide the four-corner squeezing oil lines. Check that the order of the squeezing oil lines is to gradually transition from the large oil line to the small oil line from the feeding end. The depth of the oil lines of each group of squeezing bars should be the same. When driving in too tight, too loose, you can adjust the tightness by the size of the octagonal press.

After the squeezer is installed, chamfer the two end faces and then drive into the front support and the rear support. The two sides are evenly punched. The sides of the front support and the rear support must be aligned, otherwise the two holes will be inconsistent after being punched. After the tie rod and the front and rear supports of the press rod are installed, check whether there is any protrusion on the inner wall of the press rod, and strike it straight if any.

After the hydraulic oil press body and the support, the positioning support plate are installed, the hexagonal and quadrangular slivers should be placed alternately when installing the sliver, and the press should be placed close to the inner wall of the machine body and other holes first. Pay attention to protect the sliver Don’t bruise the edges of the edges. If there are bruises on the borders, you can turn them over and use them. The degree of tightness of the pressing rod installation should be based on the final square-shaped pressing rod being driven in with a wooden hammer. When it is too loose, an adjustment spacer can be added. In order to prevent the gasket from being squeezed and deformed by the pressure in the press chamber and slag leakage. After the press rod is installed, the inner circle formed should be flat and lubricated. When loading the final press bar, be careful not to knead the press bar and scratch the inner wall of the machine