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Development Trend Of Dryer

Nov 07, 2018

The future development of the dryer will be in-depth study of drying mechanism and material drying characteristics, master the optimal operating conditions for different materials, the development and improvement of dryers; In addition, large-scale, high strength, higher economy, as well as improved adaptability to raw materials and product quality, is the basic trend of dryer development

; At the same time, further research and development of new efficient and suitable special requirements of the dryer, such as modular dryer, microwave dryer and Far infrared dryer. The development of dryer should also pay attention to energy saving and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as the use of a variety of joint heating methods, transplant heat pump and heat pipe technology, the development of solar dryers, etc., but also to develop the automatic control technology of the dryer, in order to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions; In addition, with the importance of human protection,

Improving the environmental protection measures of dryers to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gases will also be the direction that needs to be studied in depth. The improvement of the scientific and technological content of drying equipment in China is producing gratifying results. For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has always had such characteristics: small production scale, low entry threshold, overall technical content is not high, the industry's annual sales revenue of less than 5 million yuan of enterprises accounted for about 60% or more, annual sales revenue of tens of millions of yuan manufacturers only accounted for 5%~8%, product grade is generally low, the same. But today, high-tech products are spawning the emergence of backbone enterprises in the drying equipment manufacturing industry. This is likely to be the field to get rid of vicious price competition, change the size of the enterprise small and fragmented status quo, the industry's natural integration of the signal.

Through technical competition, take the road of strong combination, survival of the fittest, cultivate the strength of the industry leadership enterprises, may be within reach. China has put forward a lot of quality requirements for dryers, not only manufacturers including the various components of the manufacturer is also the country has proposed the same measures.

In this way, we will see more improvements in 2013 and in the time that follows.

Solar drying equipment for a new direction of development its investment is small, the benefits are obvious, more environmentally friendly and convenient control, can be widely used in low-temperature drying of various industries.