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Daily Maintenance Of Hydraulic Oil Press

Aug 08, 2020

1. When the machine is shut down for a long time, the machine should be cleaned, oiled, and covered with a protective cover.

2. The pressure oil on the oil pump needs to be filtered and the concentration should not be too high. Vegetable oil is easy to use. It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene and other flammable fuels.

3. The pin shaft connecting the oil pump and the handle should be lubricated frequently to reduce wear.

4. The hydraulic oil press should be used indoors as much as possible to avoid wind and sun and cause edible oil pollution.

5. Keep the fuel tank clean. Clean the fuel tank for about three months and replace it with new oil, or take it out of the tank and filter it before use. Impurities in the oil will wear out the oil pump, block the oil circuit, and affect the performance of the machine.