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Common Faults In Press

Oct 27, 2018

① the moisture of the squeezed material is low

1. The squeeze in the squeezing cage of the extruder makes a cackle noise, so that the whole press vibration;

2. The cake can not be broken into pieces and is black-brown, and with focal spots;

3. Power motor load current is higher than 30 amperes;

4. The oil outlet position moves out of the pie direction, out of the pie mouth smoke, the oil is reduced, the oil color is dark brown. If the above phenomenon lasts too long, it will cause a major mechanical damage accident.

At this time, the steam pressure must be reduced immediately, in the upper steam cylinder to increase the direct steam injection, off the small door, reduce the feed to the cage, increase the thickness of the cake, so that the load of the squeezing machine gradually decline, and then adjust, so that it returns to normal working condition.

High moisture content of ② extract

1, the high moisture content will produce the following phenomenon: 1. Less feed, or even do not feed, or the material with the shaft rotation;

2. Cake block loose soft, a lot of water vapor, out of the cake with oil, pie when the cake and shaft rotation;

3. The motor load drops, the working current is less than 20 amperes; 4. Reduce the amount of oil, the oil color whitening, foam, oil position moved to the feed end.

In the above case, the indirect steam pressure should be gradually increased immediately, the injection amount of direct steam should be reduced, and some slag cakes should be added to the feeding port until the press is restored to normal condition.