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Common Failures Of Small Vacuum Packaging Machines

Dec 10, 2020

1. What to do when the vacuum is not high or the vacuum is not high?

1) Whether the vacuum pump is reversed, check whether the rotation direction of the vacuum pump matches the arrow clicked on the vacuum pump, and it must be adjusted correctly;

2) When using the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine just purchased, the plane between the upper cover and the lower cover of the vacuum chamber may not be gentle enough. We must apply a little force when covering the vacuum chamber to make the upper cover of the vacuum chamber match the panel ;

3) The travel switch is not in place, adjust the position of the travel switch limit piece.

4) The time relay is out of control, replace it.

5) The air release valve is not closed tightly, and leakage occurs. Check the air release solenoid valve and valve core (rubber). Whether it is worn, dirty or the center of the valve core is offset.

6) Check whether there is leakage or looseness in various parts of the phase pipeline.

2. The heat sealing quality is not good

1) Check whether the mouth of the packaging bag is clean and avoid contamination at the sealing.

2) Check whether the nickel-chromium belt is working properly, whether there is a short circuit or open circuit.

3) Whether the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time are selected appropriately.

4) Check whether the hot-pressed airbag leaks.

5) The heat-sealed solenoid valve is not working properly.

3. Do not vent after vacuuming, and the vacuum chamber cannot be opened.

1) The time relay is out of control, and the contacts are in poor contact or damaged.

2) No power, check the power circuit.