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Chinese Factory Will Resume Orderly At The End Of February

Feb 13, 2020

On February 11th, the State Council held a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of new coronavirus infection and pneumonia. Persons in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Transport, and the National Health and Health Commission introduced the actual situation of strengthening the scientific prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and orderly resuming production and production of enterprises, and answered questions from reporters.

At the meeting, regarding the resumption rate of medical protective equipment such as masks and daily necessities, how to promote the resumption of production in an orderly manner, how to handle the relationship between resumption of production resumption and epidemic prevention and control, and how to treat some temporary restrictive measures adopted by various places How to deal with hot issues such as the confirmed diagnosis of employees after the resumption of work, the relevant responsible persons have responded one by one.


Point 1: The resumption rate of hood companies has exceeded 76%, and the demand gap is still large.

The progress of the resumption and production of some important necessities and some important medical protective equipment has attracted much attention.

According to Cong Liang, Secretary General of the National Development and Reform Commission, at present, from the national situation, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) except Hubei are gradually returning to work and production, especially in key areas such as key medical supplies, energy, food, transportation and logistics. start. According to the latest data from 22 key provinces across the country on February 10, the rate of resumption of mask companies that everyone cares about has exceeded 76%, the rate of reinstatement of protective clothing companies is 77%, and the rate of reinstatement of key nationally monitored food production and processing companies 94.6%, the coal mine recovery rate is 57.8%, the supply of electricity, natural gas and refined oil is sufficient, and the civil aviation, railway, and water transport networks are operating normally.

晓 Ou Xiaoli, director of the Social Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that from now on, there is no big problem in guaranteeing supplies for daily necessities. The current focus is that with the resumption of production and production, the demand for protective materials has increased sharply, especially for masks, which faces a relatively large gap. The next step is to work hard in the following areas to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand.

In the first aspect, we must do everything possible to promote production, and the most fundamental thing is to resume work, achieve production, and expand capacity. The resumption rate of masks is currently only 76%, and a quarter of mask companies have not resumed work. Therefore, it is necessary to help these enterprises coordinate and solve the difficulties in employment, raw and auxiliary materials, and funds encountered in production and resumption, and urge the enterprises to resume work. At the same time, for enterprises that have not yet reached full capacity production, they must promote their efforts to release their existing capacity and achieve full capacity production as soon as possible. For enterprises that need to expand production, investment within the central budget will be arranged to support it. In addition, it will support qualified enterprises to expedite the relevant qualifications and realize the conversion as soon as possible.

In the second aspect, we must do everything possible to expand imports. Support enterprises to purchase masks from overseas to be transported to the country using freight charters, and coordinate relevant parties to do a good job in the transfer of epidemic prevention materials such as masks donated by foreign governments and their international organizations.

In the third aspect, we must do everything possible to ensure the focus. Railways, highways, civil aviation, shopping malls, supermarkets, and parts of the life service industry where personnel mobility and concentration are relatively large will be coordinated to ensure tilt.

In the last aspect, we must do everything possible to reduce waste. Because there are still some unscientific and unreasonable phenomena in the use of masks, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the use efficiency.

In addition, Ou Xiaoli also urged everyone not to hoard masks. Because the mask has a shelf life, so many hoarding, the shelf life is useless and wasteful.

Regarding how to deal with masks after expanding production capacity, Cong Liang said that the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on February 9 in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to clearly add the key medical protective materials that meet the requirements to the reserve material catalogue, which will increase production for enterprises. All key medical protective materials are purchased and stored by the government. The notice also proposes that after the epidemic situation is effectively controlled, enterprises are encouraged to convert the expanded production capacity according to epidemic prevention and control needs and market demand, retain appropriate production capacity for transitional production enterprises, and encourage local governments to study and introduce policy measures to support it within a certain period of time. . Therefore, the relevant enterprises are requested to put down their burdens and go all out to develop full-power production.


Point 2: Nine measures to promote the orderly resumption of production and production

Promoting full-scale resumption of production and production also faces the problems of insufficient rework personnel, restrictions on the start of work in some places, severe shortages of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, inadequate upstream and downstream industrial chains, poor transportation and logistics, and high funding pressure.

In this regard, Cong Liang said that in the next step, the Development and Reform Commission will, in accordance with the principle of seeking truth from facts, distinguish the epidemic situation in different places, and effectively handle the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. While continuing to strengthen scientific prevention and control of epidemics, In time, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems of the enterprise in a timely manner, promote the orderly resumption of production and production of the enterprise, and resume normal production as soon as possible.

The first is the orderly promotion of returning to the post with shifting peaks in batches. The important areas of national economy and people's livelihood should be resumed immediately and production should be resumed. Major projects should be returned to work in time and started as soon as possible. Other enterprises that do not have the necessary conditions can be temporarily suspended. The high-endemic areas and non-urgent positions can be appropriately extended.

The second is to make every effort to ensure transportation organization. Real-time monitoring and analysis of population movements. Adopt necessary measures such as ventilation, disinfection, and body temperature monitoring to take measures such as taking a car or taking a flight from another seat to effectively reduce the risk of spreading the epidemic. For labor importing provinces and areas with a large population outside the country, strengthen transportation organizations and return to peaks.

Thirty-three is the classification and improvement of rapid screening capabilities such as nucleic acid detection. Make good use of scientific and technological means such as foot nucleic acid detection, and under the premise of ensuring safety, scientifically set the observation time for medical observation and home isolation.

The fourth is to strengthen the isolation and treatment of key populations. Returnees should report personal journey information and health status in a timely manner, and individual health files should be established by the enterprise and the community. Those who have suspected symptoms should be isolated in situ, sent to the doctor for examination and treatment, and treated immediately after the diagnosis.

Fifth is to guide enterprises to seriously implement various epidemic prevention requirements. Reduce staff density in the workplace through a variety of ways, including shifting to work, flexible work systems, and adjusting paid vacations. Establish and improve daily cleaning, disinfection, ventilation, and temperature monitoring systems, use time-sharing shifts to dine or box lunch delivery, and ensure food safety.

26. Accelerate the coordinated operation of the entire industry chain. Establish a liaison system for key enterprises to coordinate and solve problems such as labor, raw materials, and insufficient funds in a timely manner. Formulate a coal power, oil and gas supply guarantee plan to prevent regional or time-based shortages or sharp price increases. The epidemic prevention materials, key raw and auxiliary materials, important production equipment and parts, food and other daily necessities are included in the scope of emergency transportation protection, and relevant transportation vehicles are not inspected, stopped, and charged.

The twenty-seventh is to comprehensively grasp safe production and social stability. Strictly implement the responsibility for safety production of various enterprises, strengthen the monitoring and protection of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful workplaces, and focus on the major safety risks of key enterprises such as epidemic prevention materials, warehousing and logistics, transportation and distribution.

Eighth is to strive to improve public service security capabilities. Enterprises should be equipped with materials such as disinfectant, temperature gun, etc., and distribute protective equipment such as masks for employees. Effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, wages and remuneration for unsettled holidays shall be implemented in accordance with relevant policies, and benefits shall be paid on time. Relevant areas may temporarily suspend the implementation of the private car tail number restriction policy.

Twenty-nine is the responsibility of compacting enterprises and territorial governments. All localities must establish and improve working mechanisms, form a joint effort, implement group prevention and control, take the promotion of resumption of production and production as an important task at the moment, pay close attention to it, and strictly eliminate formalistic and bureaucratic behaviors such as “filling forms to fight the epidemic”, and ensure that Resumption of work and production is safe and orderly.


Point 3: Under the premise of "two lines", we must "hold both hands"

How to deal with the relationship between resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control?

Cong Liang believes that as the epidemic prevention and control work enters a critical stage, it is necessary to make preparations for "two lines" of combat: "One line" is the front line to fight the epidemic, and the main task is to protect the lives and health of the people and prevent further epidemics. spread. The "other line" is the frontline of economic development. The main task is to promote high-quality economic development and reduce the impact of the epidemic, especially to provide sufficient "weapons" and "ammunition" to fight the epidemic. These "two lines" are very important and support each other.

Wu Congliang said that although there may be large-scale movement and gathering of people after resuming work and production, there is a potential risk of further spread of the epidemic. However, if there is no resumption of work and production, the supply of medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control will be affected in the short term, and in the long term, various types of living supplies will also face the risk of shortage. Such prevention and control measures are unsustainable, and it is difficult to achieve the goal of overcoming the epidemic. The people's interests are ultimately damaged.

Qi Congliang said that under the premise of "two lines" of combat, we must "grasp with two hands": grasp with one hand to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. This is the basis and premise for resumption of work and production. By returning to work in batches with orderly peak shifts, grading and classification to improve rapid screening capabilities, strengthen the isolation of key populations and case admissions, and guide companies to implement various epidemic prevention requirements carefully, helping to ensure that there is no large-scale concentration of personnel due to resumption of work and production. Mobility, cross-infection among different populations, and larger outbreaks.

On the other hand, it is necessary to grasp the orderly resumption of production and production of enterprises, which is an inevitable requirement to protect the materials needed for epidemic prevention and control. Guide localities in combination with actual conditions and classify policies according to the epidemic situation in different regions. For areas with severe epidemics, the top priority is epidemic prevention and control. The most stringent prevention and control measures should continue to be taken to ensure that the epidemic is effectively controlled before orderly resumption of work and production. For areas with a relatively large epidemic situation but concentrated in individual cities, it is necessary to strengthen the key epidemic prevention and control in these key cities, and target low-risk groups to return to work. For areas with relatively low epidemic situation, it is necessary to rationally set up protection standards and strive to create conditions to fully resume work as soon as possible on the premise of consolidating the favorable situation of epidemic prevention.

Xu Congliang said that, in general, different regions should resume work and production in a reasonable and orderly manner according to the epidemic situation. This does not mean that all places should resume work and production at a rate, and seek truth from facts. If conditions are met, resumption of work will be resumed under the premise of strengthening protection. The necessary medical fields, including the basic life of residents, will be resumed, but other fields may have to wait. In accordance with the principles of science, rationality, appropriateness, and usefulness, we must formulate a plan for resuming production by category and resuming production, ensure transportation organization, and promote coordinated operation of the entire industry chain. Because the entire economy is a complete industrial chain, a certain chain may be stuck, and the operation of the economy will have problems. Improving the ability of public services to ensure that the shortage of labor materials and funds during the epidemic prevention and control period will allow enterprises to resume work and production without fear and promote the stable operation of the economy and society.


Point 4: Strictly curb the practice of restricting the resumption of production and production by simple and crude methods such as approval

During the period of prevention and control, many places have introduced strict restrictions on personnel entry and exit. For example, some places have adopted a reporting system for the resumption of production and resumption of production, some have set up pre-approval conditions, and even some places have detained the person in charge of the resumption of work in advance.

In this regard, Ou Xiaoli said that these practices are not in line with the central spirit of strengthening the scientific prevention and control of the epidemic and orderly resuming production and production. This wind cannot rise, and we will strictly stop the practice of restricting the resumption of production and production by simple and crude methods such as approval.

Ou Xiaoli emphasized that we also fully understand that some places want to further consolidate their responsibilities, strictly do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, and prevent the spread of the epidemic, and also very much agree that in the process of resuming work, strictly urge enterprises to implement prevention and control mechanisms and clarify prevention and control. Responsibility, grasp staff dynamics, equip necessary materials, necessary measures for daily protection. However, we can not simply set the approval conditions and raise the threshold for resumption of work to achieve the purpose of protection. Instead, we should spend more time and energy to guide, care, and help enterprises solve the epidemic prevention and control. Practical problems, effectively relieve the worries of enterprises and employees.

Qiu Xiaoli said that, in response to problems in some places some time ago, the NDRC has adopted a variety of methods for the first time to request local governments to correct these inappropriate practices. In the next step, while strengthening scientific prevention and control of the epidemic, it will create favorable conditions to the greatest extent, further reduce interference factors, and promote the orderly resumption of production and production.


Key point five: It is not necessary for the company to close the company when it is diagnosed

Regarding the case of confirmed employees in the resumption enterprise, He Qinghua, the person in charge of the disease control bureau of the National Health and Medical Commission, said that if a company or a factory found a confirmed patient after resumption, the company must first fully understand the close contacts of the confirmed patient. In the first aspect, it is important to understand with this patient who he has contacted recently and where he has gone. In the second aspect, it is also necessary to understand clearly with the employees of the unit, who has contacted him, and where he has been.

Through understanding, find close contacts, implement centralized isolation and observation on these close contacts, and if they find that these close contacts have health problems, seek medical treatment immediately. If this patient is not detected early and widespread spread occurs in units and enterprises, then certain measures must be taken against the enterprise or unit. If the case is detected earlier, strict medical observation measures are taken for close contacts, and there is no need to close the enterprise or unit.