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Biomass Particle Equipment Echoes The Market Environment

May 16, 2020

First of all, biofuel companies cooperate with farmers to set up raw material planting bases, organize farmers to conduct raw material cultivation and large-scale planting, provide farmers with production technology and services, and reduce raw material costs for biofuel companies. The cooperation of enterprises reduces the risks caused by small-scale independent cultivation, production and operation, and increases income.

Secondly, the cooperation between biofuel companies and fuel demand companies not only ensures the smooth sales of products produced by biofuel companies, but also enables faster capital turnover; at the same time, it also needs to maintain good contact with biomass molding equipment suppliers and be able to solve small For problems, if you encounter big problems, you can also contact the biomass pellet machine manufacturer in time, so that they can understand the situation and come to the service in time. It can also ensure a fixed source of biofuels for fuel blending companies, as well as supply to downstream refined oil sales companies, thereby ensuring a stable supply of local fuel oil. Due to the special traits of biofuels, special transportation vehicles are required. Cooperation between biofuel companies and logistics companies reduces their own risks and reduces the cost of purchasing transportation vehicles. If it is a large-scale biofuel company, and the product supply target is stable and the distance is long, you can choose to set up the company's own transportation department, or imitate Brazil's ethanol transportation pipeline.

Third, the comprehensive utilization of waste products such as by-products and residues of biofuels is conducive to reducing the cost of raw materials, realizing value-added products and protecting the environment. Using these residues can be made into feed and pulp, so that in the entire biofuel production process, no waste is generated, the production chain is expanded, the cost of raw materials for the enterprise is reduced, the product value added is achieved, and the To protect the environment.

After all, the development of the biofuel industry is also inseparable from the support of government departments at all levels. Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, Forestry Bureau and other departments should perform their respective duties and coordinate management.