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Benefits Of Peanut Oil

Nov 13, 2018

Peanuts, as one of the traditional foods loved by the common people, have a reputation as "Changshengo" since ancient times.

Proverb Road: "Often eat peanuts can health", the study found that it has a certain medicinal value and health care functions.

1. Lower Cholesterol: Peanut oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, this substance can make the body's cholesterol decomposition into bile acid excretion, to avoid the deposition of cholesterol in the body, reduce the cholesterol in the human body more than normal, caused by the incidence of a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 

2. Delay the aging of the human body: the content of zinc in peanuts is generally higher than that of other oil crops.

Zinc can promote brain development in children, has the function of enhancing the memory of the brain, can activate the middle and old human brain cells, effectively delay the premature aging of the human body, has anti-aging effect. 

3. Promote bone development in children: peanuts are rich in calcium content, can promote bone development in children, and prevent the occurrence of bone degenerative lesions in the elderly.

Peanuts are rich in fatty oils and proteins, and have a blood-milk effect on those with insufficient postpartum milk. 

4. Prevention of tumors: Peanut, peanut oil contains a highly bioactive natural polyphenols-resveratrol. It is a natural chemical prophylactic agent for tumor diseases, but also can reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Resveratrol is listed as one of the most effective anti-aging substances.

and peanut, peanut oil and other related peanut products rich in resveratrol will play a greater role in diet and health.