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Application Of Pillow Packaging Machine In The Food Field

Sep 03, 2020

Pillow packaging machine is a typical mechatronic product. The whole system includes mechanical transmission, electronic heating, and color code positioning control. In the positioning control, the slip combination closed-loop control is adopted, which has high accuracy and real-time adjustment function; the variable speed principle is adopted in the thermal cutting mechanism to ensure the reliability of tail sealing and cutting.

Due to the organic combination of electromechanics, the system has higher performance. The concept of time ruler was first put forward in the application of single-chip microcomputer, which greatly expanded the timer resource, which is equivalent to expanding the function of the chip machine, and has practical significance for its application.

Pillow Packaging Machine

Packaging machines are widely used in various fields such as food packaging and are required by modern industries. It uses packaging film as the processing object. It can package fast food noodles, biscuits and other packaging materials, whether it is for improving economic efficiency or improving product hygiene quality. The application is attractive, so it is more and more widely used. As a typical mechatronic product, the packaging machine includes the following parts: mechanical transmission, electronic temperature control, and color code positioning control. The function of pillow packaging machine transmission is to provide power for the whole machine. Electronic temperature control adopts electronic heating rod and thermocouple to form a closed loop control. Color mark positioning control ensures that the packaging film is aligned with the packaging