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Analysis Of Common Problems Of Feed Pellet Machine

Aug 28, 2020

1. Ring modulus factor

The flared surface of the ring die surface is rolled and needs to be chamfered again. Improper selection of ring mode compression ratio. Selection principle: livestock and poultry feed 9-13; fish feed 12-15; shrimp feed 20-25; heat sensitive feed 5-9; pasture and straw feed 6-9. The die hole is blocked. Knock the blocked holes from the outside to the inside of the ring die to remove impurities. The open hole rate of the ring die is too low, resulting in low output.

2. Roller factors

The pressure roller shell is worn and needs to be replaced in time. The combination of new ring die and old press roll, new press roll and old ring die will cause low output. A new ring die and a new pressure roller shell should be used for granulation, so that the overall contact gap between the pressure roller and the ring die is consistent, and uniform wear is achieved. The conditioner blade factors affect the material conditioning effect after the blade is worn, and the material mixing and steam absorption effect is poor. The material of the conditioner is not softened well, which affects the particle powdering rate and output.

3. Tempering temperature factors

The tempering temperature is too low. It is recommended to control: livestock and poultry feed 70-88; fish feed 82-95; shrimp feed 90-105; heat sensitive feed 45-69. Unit: °C.