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5 Container Is Loading Today

Nov 20, 2019

Ghana customer ordered 600 sets of multi thresher machine recently again,we produced 100 sets per day and finish the order within one week,today is sending.


Application of multi thresher machine:
This machine is used to separate the corn paddy rice bean soybean wheat and other grain from the central stem.


 Advantages of multi thresher machine:

1. Design reasonable - The whole machine adopts a whole stainless steel manufacturing, matching with a feet round to move convenience; The operation is in brief and also suitable for various sweet Corn Thresher.
2. The adaptability is strong - Since the in keeping with factory turns large-scale production, also adapting family workshop to process.
3. The utilization is high - Taking off a grain of depth wants to adjust, sweet corn's shelling a clean rate can reach to 100%.
4. Follow a service - Life long free provide a technique service with zero accessories supply, zero accessories press product cost price to provide to the customer, the customer uses trust.
5. To separate the sweet corn particle and stem. The driver by special motor could be used for long time, saving labor. It's suitable for the food factory of whole plant equipment.
Good at the Fresh Corn cutting, to separate the corn grain and stem. the cutting depth is adjustable, matching to the request of the food processing factory.
Single machine have a big productive, the machine could assemble to a conveyer line to make a bigger production.
Rational designed The machine is made by stainless steel with trundles for moving conveniently. Simple operation, discharging ostium with a powerful blower to blow impurity making corn grain clean and perfectly