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10 Points To Be Aware Of When Using A Granulator

Jul 11, 2018

With the improvement of the degree of agricultural mechanization operation in rural areas, Granulator has become a good tool for the vast number of agricultural machinery households to escape poverty, but it has also brought a lot of safety risks, such agricultural machinery accidents occur repeatedly, the lesson is painful.

To ensure the safe use of the granulator, you must pay attention to the following 10 bogey. A bogey of poor custody.

When the annual summer, Autumn grain harvest End, granulator no longer use, should do a full scrub of the granulator, placed in the indoor storage, can not be thrown in the ground, the edge, let the wind and rain, so that the parts rust, damage, leaving unsafe hidden dangers. Two bogeys do not overhaul before use. Before the harvest in summer and autumn grain, it is necessary to carefully inspect and repair the granulator to see if the bolts are loose, whether the poles are intact, and whether there are any problems with the transmission parts.

Identify unsafe factors and eliminate them, and must not operate with "disease". Three bogeys overload work.

Whether it is powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine, it is not overloaded when working, otherwise it is not safe. Four bogeys move and install at will. The movement and installation of Granulator and its power machine need to be operated by skilled professional and technical personnel, not to do their own. When moving the electric granulator, the power supply must be turned off first, the insulating wire can not be dragged on the ground, in case of grinding the insulating layer, resulting in leakage injury.

Diesel engine shutdown and start, should be checked by professionals after safety and then operation. Five bogey safety device is not complete. The safety device on the granulator and its power machine must be complete.

such as the transmission belt must have a safety shield, the motor must be grounded wire, etc., to ensure personal safety. Six bogey temporary patchwork of degranulation personnel. People who use granulators should know something about mechanical operation and safety, and have practical experience.

Avoid temporary patchwork of personnel, otherwise it is easy to have accidents. Seven bogey straw feed not evenly. When stripping in a granulator, care should be taken to feed evenly, feed the appropriate amount, not to feed the straw into bundles, let alone the mixed foreign body and straw feed together, otherwise easy to damage the machine parts and harm the person.

The human arm must not reach the feeding port in case it is injured by a high-speed rotating pole, or even interrupts the arm. Eight bogey people multi-hand miscellaneous. The number of people taking part in the degranulation should be appropriate, not the more the better.

More people, not only waste manpower, but also easy to cause unexpected accidents. Nine bogey continuous operation time is too long.

Summer, autumn grain harvest stripping, often need to fight day and night, but, continuous operation time should not be too long, general work 5-6h after the shutdown to rest a bit, and the granulator and its power machine security check, so that people get rest, so that machinery is maintained, otherwise prone to accidents. Ten bogey with homemade and eliminated granulator. Some people in order to save money, homemade granulator or use the elimination of the old Granulator.

[2] This type of granulator is poor in safety performance compared to the manufactured granulator after strict inspection, so it cannot be used.