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Working principle and detailed introduction of cleaning system

Dec 23, 2019

Working principle and detailed introduction of cleaning system:

Wash for 3-5 minutes at room temperature or hot water above 60 ° C; alkaline wash for 5-10 minutes, 1% -2% solution, 60 ° C-80 ° C, intermediate wash for 5-10 minutes, clear water below 60 ° C, sterilization 10 —20 minutes, hot water above 90 ° C. The guaranteed flow of cleaning flow is actually to ensure the flow rate of the cleaning liquid during cleaning, thereby generating a certain mechanical effect, that is, to improve the impact force by improving the turbulence of the fluid and achieve a certain cleaning effect. It is a full-automatic CIP cleaning system, which can automatically detect, add, discharge and display and adjust the cleaning liquid. It operates reliably, has a high degree of automation, is simple to operate, and has good CIP cleaning effects, so it is more in line with modern large-scale fluid medicine. . Hygienic requirements of food processing technology and production environment requirements. Frying equipment

    Application of cleaning system: flexible and universal: the system can perform separate acid washing, alkaline washing, hot water washing and other procedures, and can also prepare specific cleaning programs for full-automatic cleaning according to needs; not only can the equipment be cleaned effectively, but also It can also control the growth of microorganisms; at the same time, semi-automatic and full-automatic control systems can be configured according to customer requirements. Safe and reliable: concentrated acid and alkali solution are carried out in buried type concentrated acid and alkali tank; the liquid level in the tank is automatically controlled and there is an overflow protection system; the unique discharge port structure can prevent the cleaning solution from crystallization and blocking the tube road. Economical and reliable: Compared with manual cleaning, it greatly reduces the cleaning time and improves the work efficiency; the use of cleaning agents and water will be more scientific and reasonable; at the same time, the steam consumption will be relatively small, which can achieve the purpose of reasonable energy use; Effectively reduces cleaning costs. Frying equipment

    Features of the cleaning system: mature PLC control system: years of accumulated experience make our program more perfect, coupled with imported high-quality control components, can ensure the system's long-term and stable work; the friendly man-machine interface can shorten the operator's The training time can directly display the working status of the key components of the equipment; the easy-to-understand help interface can help the operator to judge and handle a variety of common fault information, so that the equipment can return to the normal state in time. Frying equipment