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Why does the bag-type packaging machine use horizontal packaging?

Sep 12, 2020

What are the benefits of using horizontal packaging for the bag packaging machine? Nowadays in the packaging industry, the realization of intelligent packaging production is what every company is vying to use. The bag-feeding packaging machine that adopts horizontal packaging is undoubtedly more practical and functional in packaging machinery, because it is already in Many fields such as food, condiment, medicine, chemical industry, etc. have received attention and application. Although the automatic bag-feeding packaging machine will be driven by high market demand for a long period of time, it will always be accompanied by a series of drawbacks and backward production concepts during the development process. This requires automatic bag-feeding packaging machines. Packaging machine manufacturers continue to accelerate the pace of innovation and reshape themselves.

 Fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machine is one of the early start industries in the packaging industry, but there are many industry drawbacks. According to statistics, most of the domestic manufacturers of automatic bag-feeding packaging machines are small in scale, and there are many manufacturers that ignore development requirements and repeatedly produce mechanical products that are low-cost, backward in technology, and easy to manufacture.

 This is not only a great waste of resources, but also causes confusion in the market of fully automatic bag packaging machines, which seriously hinders the normal development of fully automatic bag packaging machines. The direct consequences of these drawbacks are the current market Automatic bag-feeding packaging machine equipment cannot meet the needs of enterprises and consumers.

 Most high-end packaging equipment has to rely on imports, because many manufacturers do not even have independent research and development capabilities, let alone innovation. In order to achieve the long-term development goals of fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machines, and to make domestically-made fully-automatic bag-feeding packaging machines more competitive in the market, it is necessary to get rid of the traditional development model and summarize a modern survival Development Law.

 Traditional fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machines mostly adopt mechanical control, but with the increasing improvement of packaging processing technology, the requirements for fully-automatic bag-feeding packaging machines are increasing, and the original control system has been unable to meet the needs of development. These advanced technologies such as automation and electromechanical integration should be used to change the overall performance of the automatic bag-feeding packaging machine.

 Only by improving the overall performance of the automatic bag-feeding packaging machine, can the equipment be able to make a difference in actual applications.

 Not only that, the horizontal bag feeding method adopted by the bag-type packaging machine enables the bag storage device to pre-store more packaging bags, which improves the efficiency of bag splitting and bag loading, and this also greatly reduces the waste rate, and the sealing is beautiful, It is firm and reliable, and greatly improves the grade of the product.

 In addition, the horizontal bag feeding method adopted by the bag-type packaging machine is not only suitable for automatic packaging equipment of various types of pre-made bags, but also widely used for the packaging of various packaging bags such as zipper bags, stand-up bags, flat bags, and special-shaped bags. And it is very adaptable to materials such as heat-sealable bags and aluminum-plastic composites.

 At present, the bag-feeding packaging machine that adopts horizontal packaging can completely replace the traditional manual and semi-automatic packaging methods. The operator only needs to place hundreds of pre-made bags in the bag storage part of the equipment at a time, and the mechanical claw will automatically complete it. A series of actions such as bag taking, bag opening, filling, sealing, output, etc., not only make people see at a glance, but also greatly improve the packaging speed and work efficiency, saving a lot of costs for the company.