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Where to buy Dates Pitting Machine/Cherry Pitter/ Olive Pitting Machine

Oct 26, 2019


Ash jujube, beach jujube, golden silk jujube, horse tooth jujube, Gansu jujube, Korean jujube, olive, Middle Eastern date palm, and other long round shaped fruit.


Working principle:

Under the combination of the storage hopper and the conveyor belt, the template is selected according to the shape and diameter of the fruit, and the red date is poured into the storage hopper to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying. After the red jujube falls on the conveyor belt, it will automatically enter the template hole, and the excess red jujube will be brushed into other holes through the brush, so that the feeding efficiency will reach over 95%, which greatly improves the working efficiency and the positioning of the hole is good. After that, the red dates continue to be transported, and the red dates are rushed by the machine tool during the process of conveying and pushing, and the cores are automatically flowed out and collected in the core. The red dates that pass through the core continue to be transported to the next link for automatic fruit drop. The shape of the discharged red dates is completely unchanged, and the red dates fall into the sputum and automatically flow out and collect together, thereby achieving the separation of the jujube meat and the nucleus.


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