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What to pay attention to when buying an oil press

Jul 27, 2020

1. Is the operation and design of the oil press reasonable?

   When buying a peanut oil press, in addition to paying attention to whether the appearance design is beautiful, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the oil press is easy to operate, beautiful and easy to operate. That is to design and manufacture the oil press from the user's perspective.

2. Buy oil press equipment and listen carefully to the noise level

   The noise level indicates the quality of the motor used in the peanut oil press. The smaller the noise, the higher the quality of the motor.

3. Ask the oil press equipment to observe the oil pressing rate

   Because the oil pressing rate is not only related to the oil, the ratio of oil to water during pressing, but also closely related to the quality of the oil press.

4. Choose the type of oil pressing

There are still many types of oil presses, and different types of oil press foods are also different, some are peanuts, some are soybeans, some are rapeseeds, etc. Different types of oil presses, we choose Make a reasonable choice. For example, the screw press mainly presses peanuts, soybeans and other crops, and the hydraulic press mainly presses sesame.

5. The choice of squeezing and filtering integration

Next, when we choose an oil press, we must consider whether we choose an integrated squeezing machine or an integrated squeezing and filtering machine. This depends on our former suitable for large enterprises and large manufacturers; the latter suitable for small workshops. Oil mill.

6. Selection of frying machine

Then when we choose the oil press, it involves the choice of the stir-frying machine. We have two types of temperature control and electric heating to buy. This should be combined with the oil press agricultural products in our area, such as peanut rapeseed Class is to choose different types for frying. 7. Points to note when choosing an oil press

Then when we are buying oil presses, in addition to choosing from the above aspects, we should also make reasonable purchases from our own practical investigations and the good and bad reviews of some users. We might as well go to the Internet to see those big ones. Some official websites of brand oil press companies or Taobao stores, etc., check the comments given by buyers, so that we can buy with confidence, or we can go to the manufacturer to inspect it on the spot.

 8. Choose from the brand

From the brand point of view, we certainly choose some big domestic brands. Their after-sales service is also guaranteed. The types of oil presses are also relatively diversified, and their production is also guaranteedto a certain extent. It is worth our trust.

9. Choose on daily output

In terms of daily output, of course we have to choose the one with high daily output, high work efficiency, and high oil extraction capacity. Those low-quality oil extraction plants, we choose it is a wrong decision, not only will lose Customers and repeat customers are rare. We have to find suitable ones to purchase reasonably.

10. Choose the size of oil press equipment

To choose from the size, we have to see whether we use it for a long time or just use it and then no longer use it. This involves the choice of our size. If we are an oil mill, then we have to choose a larger one. If it’s just private, we can choose a smaller one, generally a big domestic brand.

11. Cold pressing and hot pressing options

Then we choose from cold pressing and hot pressing. This should be selected based on the local folk customs. Some areas like to use raw oil, while some are not. We have to choose according to our own local customs.