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What to do if the hydraulic oil press leaks

Aug 01, 2020

1. The oil is too dry. If the oil is too dry to cause slagging, we can appropriately increase the moisture.

2. Too many pressing passes. In this case, we only need to reduce the number of presses.

3. The press chamber pressure is too large. The manifestation of this situation is that the cake is too thin, we can increase the thickness of the cake, which can reduce the pressure of the press chamber.

4. The oil trough of the oil press is too deep after long time use. If this is the case, then we'd better adjust the position of squeezing strips and squeezing rings.

5. Parts are worn. This situation is the main reason for the leakage of most oil extraction equipment. If the leakage caused by this reason is difficult for our users to solve, the user can call our company to communicate with our technology. The staff will help users with technical guidance. If the phone cannot solve the problem, our technicians can also come to the door to provide technical assistance to customers.